Applegate Open 2024 is cancelled

It is with great disappointment that we must inform you of the cancellation of this year’s Applegate Open. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we did not reach the minimum number of registrants required to host a meaningful competition.  As of April 30, we only had 34 confirmed pilots, far below the original planned 100 and still below the financial contingency plan we had worked out, which required only 40 attendees.

However, we encourage you to still come fly with us and explore other flying opportunities at Woodrat Mountain and Applegate Valley this year. Our annual Star Thistle Fly-in, taking place from May 31 to June 2, and the Woodrat Cup series paragliding competition, featuring 5 tasks, and running from May 1 to September 30, are both excellent alternatives. Moreover, both events are free for all local and visiting pilot members of RVHPA. Further details can be found at

With deep regrets,

Terri and Dan

April 18 update

We need more registrations before the rate goes up $100 on May 1

We have a number of registrations that haven’t paid and we confirmed their attendance with a payment.  So if you are one of those people please submit your payment.   If we don’t get more confirmed pilots we may have to cancel the event.

Recently we have changed our cancellation policy to include a full refund including the local club membership just in case we have to cancel.  So don’t worry about that if its an issue for you in not registering.

We’ve sharpend our pencils on costs and have been able to have an event with as few as 50 pilots but we really need at least 60 to make the event to be a sucess.  As one of the cost cutting measures to we have dropped our pre-PWC application. WE still will have FAI sanctioning.

So please confirm your existing registration with a payment.  Or, if you have been thinking about coming and haven’t registered,  Please register and confirm with a pament by April 30th.



$100 Coupons for top pilots

Reduce your registration fee from $675 to $575!

We have $1,000 worth of $100 discount coupons* available for 10 of the top 15 U.S. pilots at the Applegate Open.  If your name is on this list email for the coupon code. 

Top 15 U.S. ranked pilots on NTSS list as of 2/27/24

Galen Kirkpatrick

Mike Lester

Cody Mittanck

Nick Greece

Evan Bouchier

Michal Hammel

Violeta Jimenez

Gavin McClurg

Andy Macrae

Matt Henzi

Alexia Fischer

Ross Desmond

Josh Cohn

Pete Thompson

Jenny O’Neill

Ten of the top 15 pilots on this list are eligible for $100 coupons to reduce their registration fee from $675 to $575.      Email for the coupon code. 

Don’t delay! Register and confirm your attendance at

 *Only 10 coupons available and the coupons expire April 15, 2024    

AO2024 Update

The Applegate open has been approved as a Pre-PWC event!


We have been Approved as a pre-PWC event. We know that means a lot to some of you and if you were on the fence about attending, we hope this makes the decision to join us easier.
We’re working hard to make this a fun event for you.

Some reasons to join us:

  • The Open Race is now a pre-PWC event.
  • More consistent weather and less likely for launch to blow out 
  • Quick retrieves with cool drinks in the vans
  • Beer and Soft drinks at goal
  • Bar with snacks and music at the Wells Land HQ
  • Massages available
  • Low-cost camping, lodging and lots of other things to do if there is a no-fly day
    • Low-cost camping at Cantrall Buckly group camping site minutes from HQ
    • Limited free camping at Applegate Lake
    • Fireworks displays on 4th of July evening in Medford.
    • Many vineyards to visit in the valley
    • Whitewater rafting
    • Evening dinner events at selected restaurants  (tbd)

Some improvements we’ve made since the 2022 event.

  • We will be using trackers with no need for pilots to upload tracks for scoring
  • Better day prizes for task winners
  • Fewer No-land areas.  (hemp boom is now a bust)
  • No SuperClinic so more room for racers on launch.
  • More shade on launch
  • Re-usable cooling neck wraps included in the pilot’s welcome bags. Great to have if you land out and have to hike.
  • Mentoring for the Sprint Racers with two pilots flying the course and available before and after the tasks to answer questions.

We’re on Air Tribune but you must register on our website.  Here is the link with more information and to register. 

Registration is Open


Hi pilots!

We’ve been busy getting our website ready for registration and we are a bit ahead of schedule.  As a result, we are going to open registration early rather than wait till February 1st.  


Note that we’ve pushed back our start this year to allow pilots competing in the Chelan event two travel days to arrive at Woodrat Mt. relaxed and ready to fly.

Monday afternoon July 1, 2024: Pilot registration/sign in at Wells Land Vineyard HQ
Tuesday-Monday July 2-8:  Practice and comp days

Here’s the link for more information and to register:

Dan Wells
Applegate Open 2024

No Applegate Open in 2023

 Sorry folks,

The club voted to try a new, shorter, fun event this year instead of the Applegate Open.  The event will run June 11-15, 2023.   Registration for that event should be open soon.  Stay tuned for details on Air Tribune.


Dan Wells