Dates for AO 2022

Hi pilots,

Thanks to all of you who answered our short survey.  There was a lot of support for earlier dates but unfortunately after I sent the survey out, we asked the same question to Tim Hunter who owns the bailout LZ and he responded that the earliest date we could do the event would be mid-June.   He has concerns about calving season and how an earlier date for the event could threaten his herd.

Terri submitted our sanctioning request for the Open Race on October 14.  To give pilots competing for the National Championship the opportunity to fly in our event as well as the Chelan U.S. Open event we have moved our event dates up and shortened the competition to six days.  This will give pilots flying in our event two days to travel to Chelan for the start of their US Open event. 

Here are the key dates for the Open Race in 2022

Thursday, June 16:  Sign-in and registration

Friday, June 17:  Sign in and registration plus practice day

Saturday, June 18- Thursday June 23:  Six competition flying days

Thursday June 23: Awards ceremony

 We will be asking Garon Wells and Wells Land Vineyard to host the event. You can expect no “mandatory” pilot meeting in 2022.  We expect to follow the same procedure as 2021 with materials posted online and optional zoom pilot meetings ahead of the event.  Pilots will have to certify they have reviewed the online materials ahead of flying in the competition.

We are looking at options for the Sprint Race and the SuperClinic.  Dates and options for those events do not necessarily have to completely coincide with the Open Race.   We’ll get that finalized and let you know about those events later this fall.

If you have any ideas to help us improve the Sprint Race and SuperClinic in 2022 we would love to hear from you.  Just put your ideas down on an email and send it to

Registration opens February 1, 2022.

Dan Wells
Applegate Open Admin
503 804-1077

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