AO2024 Update

The Applegate open has been approved as a Pre-PWC event!


We have been Approved as a pre-PWC event. We know that means a lot to some of you and if you were on the fence about attending, we hope this makes the decision to join us easier.
We’re working hard to make this a fun event for you.

Some reasons to join us:

  • The Open Race is now a pre-PWC event.
  • More consistent weather and less likely for launch to blow out 
  • Quick retrieves with cool drinks in the vans
  • Beer and Soft drinks at goal
  • Bar with snacks and music at the Wells Land HQ
  • Massages available
  • Low-cost camping, lodging and lots of other things to do if there is a no-fly day
    • Low-cost camping at Cantrall Buckly group camping site minutes from HQ
    • Limited free camping at Applegate Lake
    • Fireworks displays on 4th of July evening in Medford.
    • Many vineyards to visit in the valley
    • Whitewater rafting
    • Evening dinner events at selected restaurants  (tbd)

Some improvements we’ve made since the 2022 event.

  • We will be using trackers with no need for pilots to upload tracks for scoring
  • Better day prizes for task winners
  • Fewer No-land areas.  (hemp boom is now a bust)
  • No SuperClinic so more room for racers on launch.
  • More shade on launch
  • Re-usable cooling neck wraps included in the pilot’s welcome bags. Great to have if you land out and have to hike.
  • Mentoring for the Sprint Racers with two pilots flying the course and available before and after the tasks to answer questions.

We’re on Air Tribune but you must register on our website.  Here is the link with more information and to register. 

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