Registration Update April 30, 2019

Hi Pilots,

Just in case you have looked at the registrations and given up…

We’ve had a number of pilots on the waiting lists since we hit our initial target of 160 pilots total confirmed for the Sprint and Open races a while back.  As a result we have decided to allow a few more pilots to enter the races. 

The pilots on the waiting list have been notified and given a chance to confirm a slot with a payment so now I’m announcing the availability to all.  Here’s the link to see who’s flying in the events and slots still available:  You can use the pull down to see the individual events.

If you have applied and are on the waiting list or you have not applied and are now thinking about it you still have a chance.  Just follow the menus to apply and/or pay. 

If you are thinking about it don’t delay.  Late registration starts and fees go up May 4.


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