Registration Update March 29, 2019

It looks like we are going to fill up this year.

I have adjusted the split between the Open and Sprint races based on the relative number of applicants.  We will keep the total of both races at 160 pilots to make sure we can get everyone off the hill when conditions are less than ideal.

So far:

The Sprint Race has 59 pilots confirmed out of 74 who have applied for the  65 available slots.  6 more payment confirmations and the race is full. 

The Open Race has  90 pilots confirmed out of the 104 who have applied for the 95 available slots. Because of FAI sanctioning requirements we can only confirm foreign pilots for those last 5 slots until the end of May. U.S.  pilots who apply are being put on a waiting list.  If there are any slots left after May 31 they will go to the first pilots who confirm with a payment.

The SuperClinic has 6 of the 14 pilots who applied confirmed for the 20 available slots.

I’ve ordered a bigger tent!


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