Registration update March 2, 2019

I have just released the last available slots for the Open Race for U.S. pilots.  There are still spots for foreign and Canadian pilots, however.

When those U.S. Pilot slots are taken there will be no Open Race slots available unless you are a foreign pilot per your CIVL registration.   

All that said I do have some Open Race slots that I am holding back for nationally ranked U.S. pilots who have not yet applied and been confirmed with a payment.  If you fit in that category please email me after you apply and I will give you payment instructions if you qualify.

If not all the foreign pilot slots are filled by May 31, there is a chance a few more unranked  U.S. pilots to enter the Open Race.

We still have plenty of slots available for the Sprint Race and the SuperClinic.

Dan Wells

 Event Organizer

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