Mandatory Pilot Reading Materials

One thing that used to drive me crazy with the Rat Race and continuing with the Applegate Open was the Mandatory Pilots meeting and the 160 or so pilot roll call.

With COVID concerns, and how to socially distance 160 people in a tent, we had to think of something different.  We are eliminating the Saturday Mandatory pilots meeting this year!

Here’s the plan…

There will be a “MANDATORY PILOT READING MATERIALS” page on the website that pilots can access.  All the material we need to present to relative to local rules, scoring, “no land fields” and other things to keep you safe will be there.  Pilots can read through them at their leisure at home on your computer in a comfortable chair while sipping on their favorite beverage. 

To support this effort there will be two Zoom Q and A Meetings ahead of the event  Pilots will have a chance ro ask any questions they might have had while reading and listening to the presentations on the web page.

Just one other thing…

PILOTS IN THE SPRINT AND OPEN RACES WILL HAVE TO CERTIFY THAT THEY HAVE READ/LISTENED TO THE MATERIALS.  This will need to be done BEFORE the first day of the competition.  The link to certify will be the webpage.

It will be a while before we have everything up on the website.  But if you want to get a head start you can read the local rules.  

Dan Wells
AO admin.

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