Open Race Tentative confirmations for U.S. pilots

As of today, we will not be able to ABSOLUTELY confirm additional slots for U.S. Pilots in the Open Race.

Currently we have 76 of the 100 slots available confirmed for the Open Race. We have to hold  25 slots for foreign pilots until May 5 per FAI sanctioning rules.  Right now, we only have one foreign pilot registered.   It is likely we will have 15-20 slots available to CONFIRM on May 6 due to the uncertainties of international travel with COVID.

To deal with this we offer the following to U.S. pilots:

Purchase your registration now and we will TENTATIVLY CONFIRM your slot.  Then on May 6 we will CONFIRM those slots in the order they were paid. 

If for some reason you paid, were TENTATIVELY CONFIRMED and there are no slots available, we will give you a FULL REFUND.

So if you are a U.S. pilot I would recommend that you purchase your registration fee now to have the best chance of getting a slot in the Open race in case we sell out.

Please not also that the Sprint race currently has 13 slots available with no limitations, and the Super Clinic is full.

Dan Wells

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