COVID-19 Corona Virus Update

Hi pilots,

I am certain you are receiving countless updates regarding COVID-19, and that you may have concerns regarding your attendance or other adverse impacts the pandemic may force upon the Applegate Open 2020.

Currently, we are going ahead with our plans to hold the event as scheduled.   That said, we too are following the news and the government’s response and guidelines as they develop, and we believe we should know a lot more in the next month as more testing is done and we see how the virus is spreading. We hope to gain a better understanding of the risk to the pilots and volunteers who will be attending our event.

In the mid-April time frame we expect to be able to let you know with some certainty that the event will go forward,  be cancelled or possibly be rescheduled.   For those of you who have already paid and are concerned about event fees, please know, if we have to cancel we will be issuing refunds less our bank’s credit card processing fees of $15.

Hopefully the situation will not be as dire as some have been predicting and we can go ahead with the event as scheduled.

Terri Stewart
Event Organizer, Applegate Open 2020

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