This letter just mailed to all confirmed AO2021 pilots

Hi 2021 Applegate Open pilots,

We are stoked to welcome you back to the Applegate Open!  As we approach race dates, I have some important reminders.

First, the Mandatory Pilot Meeting is now a series of self-paced informational videos and reads on the website at   All pilot participants are required to review the mandatory material and  then complete the online certification form indicating such.

The link to the certification form is on the review materials web page mentioned above.  Please read the certification form carefully, as it contains a checklist of items to complete before practice day.

So, grab your favorite beverage and start reviewing.  I guarantee you it won’t take as long as the role call and presentations we used to have in the mandatory pilot meetings.
While we think we have covered everything, there still may be questions.  Two Question and Answer sessions have been scheduled via Zoom to answer any questions regarding the race and /or pilot material. Links to those Q&As can be found below.

Second, although slowing, COVID-19 continues to plague Jackson County.  Although mask mandates have been eased there is still one very important thing we are still requiring.  You all checked a box when you registered that you will present proof of vaccination at least 14 days prior to the event or provide written documentation of a negative test at no more that 3 days prior to sign in.  That requirement has NOT changed.  You will not be allowed to compete until you provide one of the above.
During the comp staff will still be surveying folks throughout the week for symptoms, and you may be asked to take a test if symptoms are present. You are the first defense against the spread of COVID. If you are experiencing symptoms get tested and if tested positive- stay home.  
CDC and Oregon requirements can change, and we will do our best to keep you up to date if the affect how we run the competition.  We will post our latest guidelines at

Now third, Let’s have a safe and fun flying competition!

Terri Stewart
President RVHPA
Event Organizer, AO 2021

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