AO 2020 update

Here’s a short update on Applegate Open, June 13-20, 2020.

The sanctioning application was submitted on September 24th.  Things are moving along smoothly.  I’m happy to report that Eric Reed and John Russell are planning on returning as Meet Director and Safety Director.  Kari Castle is also planning on returning for the SuperClinic and we are expecting Ken Hudonjorgenson to join her.

One big change this year is that the event will have a new Event Organizer. Terri Stewart, RVHPA’s president, will be taking over for Dan and her husband Bon (yes Bon-its not a typo) will be taking over for Mary Beth as volunteer coordinator. .  This is something that Mary Beth and I have been wanting—Some well qualified people taking over the event that are young enough to keep it going long term. Maybe they can break the Haley’s record run of 15 years with the Rat Race.

We’ll still be around helping out in this transition year and beyond.   Dan will be handling most of the admin work leading up to the event and Mary Beth will be recruiting volunteers.  Entering our 70’s we want more time for flying, a new grandchild, and traveling than we were able to do for the last couple of years.  This change will make that possible. 

There are still some details to work out with LongSword Vineyards and we will be looking at the number of fields planned to be going into CBD Hemp cultivation in 2020 later this fall.  More CBD hemp fields and lack of landing areas that could threaten the event. 

But for now all in all things are looking good for Applegate Open 2020.

Dan and Mary Beth Wells

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  1. Thanks guys! I really appreciate your hard work that has gone into this for the past couple of years. Really grateful that you are helping to transition it with the rvhpa team and keep this great event happening!

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