Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer FAQ’s

Where To Stay

information about places to stay in the valley are on our website at this link. http://wingsoverapplegate.org/accommodations/


We will be able to provide lunches for the volunteers this year on the day that you work.  I will need a volunteer to be lunch wrangler and get the orders from the volunteers the night before, and to periodically run into town to pick up the lunches from the grocery story. There will be food trucks like last year as well with food to purchase.  We will have snacks and coffee and tea for the volunteers at headquarters.  Breakfast burritos are for sale in the morning at the Ruch store. Coffee, ice cream, and sandwiches are also available at the Pit Stop in the Ruch Store parking lot and the Honeysuckle Cafe near the Ruch Store  does breakfast and lunch.


HQ  is Longsword again. this year.    Parking will be in the field to the left of the Tasting room parking area.  When you arrive, you will be directed to park along  the stretch to the left.   You will sign in, get your credentials and your parking permit  for the staff/volunteer parking area..  Parking is going to be at a premium for staff parking. We are encouraging everyone to carpool as much as possible.  The speed limit at Longsword is 10 mph. Dust is very bad for the grape vines and there are geese and chickens on the property.  I can not stress this enough 10 MPH. 

Parking on Launch

There will be parking passes for those vehicles allowed up on launch during the event. Launch must be accessible for the large buses and any Emergency vehicles that may be needed.  Everyone is encouraged to carpool as much as possible. Volunteers who want to fly early before the race starts will have transportation on the buses going up. If you choose to drive your personal  vehicle you will be asked to park in the parking areas below launch and to hike up the rest of the way while the Race is on.  

Retrieve Drivers Needed

We have the use of several vehicles and are renting vans to help with retrieves. We will need drivers for all those vehicles.   If you use your own vehicle we will pay for the gas you use.   We will have debit cards available that you can use to fill up at the Jacksonville station.  We need smaller vehicles to go out and pick up those pilots who have landed somewhere between launch and goal. Often that means you are only going after one or 2 people and taking them to a transfer point for the shuttle vans.. If you have never driven retrieve before, we can train you,  We will have 5  extra vhf radios we can loan out..



AT&T  is  the only carrier in the Applegate Valley that works reliably. Verizon is next best. Reception is better this year but there still are lots of places that don’t have coverage.


We will be using the Telegram App for communication during the event.  It is a free app that allows quick and easy communication between HQ, the Pilots and the Volunteers. It works with either Apple or Android systems.  Download the  app to your smartphone and then click on the  invitation  to join the Group.  There will be 2 groups. 1 for general information and one for communication with and among the Retrieve Drivers.

Volunteer Flying-

If you want to fly the valley locally before the launch opening or after launch closes each day we will do our best to pick you up with the pilots in the race.  To be retrieved you must land at the land by time for the event. Please read the Volunteer Flying Rules on the next page.  Do Your homework:  Go Here and learn about flying at Woodrat.    There are several “NO Landing” Zones and information on them is at this link   Landing in a NO LAND zone makes for bad relations with the landowners.

You must have USHPA and RVHPA membership to fly here.   There are two levels of RVHPA membership, Temporary Event and Visiting Pilot.  Both RVHPA memberships are available online or at the Ruch Country store kiosk.  As a volunteer we will do all we can to see that you get up to launch to fly before the event, and then get transportation either up to launch or returned to HQ.  If you as a volunteer go xc, and you want to be retrieved, we will retrieve you with the race pilots. If you want to be retrieved with the AO pilots there are certain things you must do.:

Volunteer Flying Rules

  1. You must have a spot or inreach for cross country flights during the event.
  2. You must launch at least 15 minutes after the last start gate opens.
  3. You must be at least a P3
  4. You must have a working vhf radio and be on meet frequency while flying, retrieve frequency after you land.
  5. You must have a working cell phone.
  6. You must have your device registered on Dave Wheeler’s xcfind page.
  7. You must sign out on launch so that we have a record of who is flying
  8. You must check in LOK and PUP with HQ check in
  9. You may not compete with race pilots for thermals on course.
  10. We will work to retrieve you with the race pilots.  If you fly in another direction we will not be able to retrieve you.  For example if goal is Donnatos and you fly to Grants Pass, get ready to hitch.
  11. You can not go beyond goal.  If goal is Donnato’s and you fly to Emigrant lake, get ready to hitch
  12. You must land by the “Land By Time” If you go xc and land after the Land By Time, and there are no drivers in the area you should get ready to hitch.
  13. You must show your event credentials to your driver to get retrieved.


 A Free Flyer is any pilot who is not registered as a competitor or  volunteer is considered a Free Flyer.  We do not discourage free flying however they cannot be on course during the race, or launch during the window.  Free Flyers are responsible for their own retrieve.  AO Retrieve Team will not pick up Free Flyers.   They must abide by all the rules outlined in RVHPA site guide and Applegate Open event Guide.  

As always contact me  with your questions. Thanks again for volunteering.

Mary Beth Wells
Volunteer Coordinator