Hart-Tish campground 23 minute drive from LongSword Vineyards HQ. Click the link for details.  Email Glenn at  to reserve.
Jackson Campground
Jackson Campground  15 minutes from HQ on the Upper Applegate road.  Click the link for details.
A public camping ground and park near the Applegate River.
A private residence offering camping and bunk beds.
A local airbnb offering beds and amenities.
Appleseed Cottage
Charming cottage with double bed next to the Applegate store.  AC, fridge, microwave, cable tv. $80/night. Call Patty at 541 951-4745
Christine’s camping
Close to the Valley View Winery and can accomodate 15-20 campers.  Outside shower, barbecue,  fire pit, plus meals for an extra charge.  Landing field nearby.  530 840-7090 for details.
Camping and rooms minutes away from HQ at the foot of Woodrat Mt.
Local pilots offering lodging at great rates
 Airbnb rentals
Hotels in Medford and surrounding area