Top 15 coupons available

Reduce your registration fee from $675 to $575!

We have $1,000 worth of $100 discount coupons* available for 10 of the top 15 U.S. pilots at the Applegate Open.  If your name is on this list email for the coupon code. 

Top 15 U.S. ranked pilots on NTSS list as of 2/27/24

Galen Kirkpatrick

Mike Lester

Cody Mittanck

Nick Greece

Evan Bouchier

Michal Hammel

Violeta Jimenez

Gavin McClurg

Andy Macrae

Matt Henzi

Alexia Fischer

Ross Desmond

Josh Cohn

Pete Thompson

Jenny O’Neill

Ten of the top 15 pilots on this list are eligible for $100 coupons to reduce their registration fee from $675 to $575.      Email for the coupon code. 

Don’t delay! Register and confirm your attendance at

 *Only 10 coupons available and the coupons expire April 15, 2024