Wells Land Welcome

Applegate Open – Wells Land Vineyard
July 1st thru July 8th, 2024

Garon Wells, owner

Greetings all pilots, volunteers & attendees!  It’s an honor to be your headquarters host for your event this year!  Thank you all for being part of such a great event!

We would love for you to feel  welcomed and at home here! “What happens at Wells Land–Stays at Wells Land”


  We have just a few house expectations  for our guests

Fire season has begun early this year.  We have an extremely dry environment already.

  • No smoking- We will have a designated smoking area if need be just ask one of the staff/volunteers
  • No Fires – We do have a fire pit near the bar that may be lit up in the evenings if conditions allow.

There are 3 resident dogs at here at Wells Land. 2 x Weimaraners & 1 x Half breed.  We will be doing our best to keep them inside during busy times of the day. 

  • If you happen to see our dogs feel free to say hello!  But please do not feed them.
  • All pets that are brought on site must remain on a leash and/or contained in a safe healthy space.
  • At any time Wells Land representatives reserve the right to ask you to remove your pet if it becomes a disruption or is not being well behaved.
  • Wells Land has 2 resident (Rescue) horses – They will be corralled at the barn during the time of the event.

Land Use Rules:

  • Drive slowly – 5mph as to not kick up dust or endanger guests or animals
  • No outside alcohol to be consumed on premises
  • Clean up after yourself and use designated recycle and rubbish bins
  • Respect others and friends and make it a fun event!  No cursing, yelling or making a scene.  Please don’t be THAT person!
  • Leave things as they were – If a gate is latched please return it that way after use.

Thank you for your consideration on all above items!  If you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to reach out…


Garon Wells
Wells Land Vineyard
(541) 890-7829 – Texting is much preferred