COVID and AO-2021

Edited 2-9-2021 

Hi Pilots,
Just a reminder to let you know that registration opens on March 1, 2021 and we are working hard on planning for the 2021 event even with all the concerns about COVID.

Nothing is final yet but here is what we are currently planning to reduce COVD risks:

  • Expect COVID protocols for social distancing, face coverings, and hand washing to be in effect for protection of all. Pilots may have to sign a COVID risk waiver at sign in. 
  • Mandatory pilot meetings will be done online via Zoom ahead of the event.  Pilots must attend one of these meetings.  There will be no in-person meetings before the event.
  • Pilots and volunteers will need to show proof of completed vaccination at least 10 days prior to the event or provide documentation of a negative test result within 72 hours of the sign in.
  •  There will be no evening “learning sessions”
  • The school busses that take pilots to launch will have reduced capacity due to COVID precautions.  Pilots and their gear will be transported to launch in the busses in shifts.  SuperClinic first, followed by Race pilots, and finally Sprint pilots.
  • Daily task briefings will be done separately for Sprint and Race pilots.  Race pilots will brief on launch. Sprint pilots will brief BEFORE riding up to launch.  Race pilots will meet at HQ for the ride up to launch. Sprint pilots will meet at a field adjacent to LongSword Vineyard for their task briefing and the ride up to launch.
  • Waypoints must be downloaded from the internet.  Scorers will not load them to your device
  • Track logs will be uploaded via the internet. Scorers will not upload tracks from your device for you.
  •   Super Clinic retrieves will be as in previous years with dedicated retrieve crew. 
  • The event will offer retrieves for pilots who choose to participate.  Pilots may opt out of the event organized retrieve if they have concerns about closer contact with other pilots in the retrieve vehicles. 
  • “Apres vol” food and drink as well as the awards dinner and presentation will be at Wells Land with some concessions to COVID and social distancing.  

We’re looking forward to the event and seeing all of you.  Questions or suggestions–just call or email one of us.

The Applegate Open Team

Registration open date and new venue

HI Pilots!

Applegate Open registration opens March 1, 2021. 

We moved registration back a month this year just to be more certain about COVID risks and requirements and how they might affect the event. Things are looking good with vaccines coming but we want to make sure. 

We will have a new headquarters this year.   Wells Land will be hosting the event as Headquarters for day to day activities and the doing the awards ceremony/party.  They will also serve as a goal LZ. Wells Land is located just west of Squires peak on Hamilton Rd. We’re excited about this new venue and all the event planning experience the owner, Garon Wells, brings to the event.

Plenty of room for the awards party at Wells Land

Wells Land Amphitheatre for the awards ceremony 

We’ll still be using LongSword as a goal LZ and pilots will always be welcome to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer there after landing.

We’re  looking forward to seeing all of you and excited about what’s going to be a great event this year.

Terri Stewart
Event Organizer