Normal day schedule Sunday June 20th thru Friday June 25th

Updated 6/19/21

Time Wells Land Phil’s farm Woodrat Upper Launch
8:00 AM HQ volunteers arrive at HQ    
8:15 AM   SuperClinic pilots board three vans  
8:30 AM Open task committee departs in dedicated vehicle SuperClinic bus departs Phil’s for launch in three vans  
8:45 AM Open Race pilots board busses    
9:00 AM Open Race pilots depart for launch in 4 busses Sprint task committee arrives to set the day’s task SuperClinic pilots arrive on launch
9:15 AM      
9:30 AM   Sprint pilots arrive and get gear ready for transport  
9:45 AM     Open Race pilots arrive on launch
10:00 AM   Sprint pilot daily task briefing  
10:15 AM      
10:30 AM   Sprint Race pilot board busses Open Race pilots daily task briefing
10:45 AM   Sprint Race pilots depart for launch in 3 busses  
11:00 AM      
11:15 AM     Earliest Launch Opens for Race pilots 
11:30 AM      Sprint Race pilots arrive on Launch.
11:45 AM     Sprint re-briefs if necessary
12:00 PM      
12:30 PM     Earliest launch for Sprint pilots
6:00 PM Hq and store closes for the day. Retrieve may still be active. Normal deadline for track uploads