LongSword Vineyard HQ

8555 Hwy 238, Jacksonville, OR 97530 Directions

Hello Pilots,

LongSword Vineyard is so excited to be hosting the new Applegate Open on our property! We have always been big supporters of the paragliding community, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership. We hope you enjoy your time at our vineyard, and we want you to feel welcome in your new headquarters.

In order to have the best event, we ask that you please review the simple guidelines below for your time on our property.

Thanks so much,
Kate, Tony, & Matt

Respect the Animals
– DRIVE SLOWLY. No more than 5 mph please at all times
– Please do not engage with the geese, chickens, or rams
– Please monitor your children at all times
– All dogs MUST be leashed

Respect the Land
– All trash & recycling should be placed in trash & recycling receptacles. This includes bottle caps and especially cigarette butts
– Fire season is no joke! Smoking in the gravel parking lot only. Never on the grass.

Respect our Business
– No outside alcohol permitted on the premises. We can be shut down by the Oregon Liquor Licensing Committee if you bring outside alcohol onto the premises. Let’s not go there 🙂
– Please be respectful of the tasting room and our guests – no yelling, swearing, or removing clothing near the tasting room