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Pilot's Application Form

Event you wish to enter

If you have one...

Foreign pilots who do not have a USHPA number enter 99999

Enter your FAI number if you have one. You must have a valid FAI sporting license at the time of the comp to receive WPRS points in the Race. Apply now if yours is not current (must be renewed yearly).

Enter your CIVL ID if you have one.

Enter your country abbreviation

Paragliding Experience in wing you are flying

P3 minimum required for Open and Sprint races. P2 minimum required for SuperClinic

Total hours flown in Paragliders

Glider you will be flying in the event

EN rating for your wing. ONLY CERTIFIED GLIDERS ARE ALLOWED. EN A rated gliders are not allowed in the Open Race. EN D and CCC rated gliders are not allowed in the Sprint Race.

Emergency Contact Information
Medical info:

If NONE please state "NONE"

Added questions for Super Clinic applicants


Bottom, middle, top?

Any medical information instructors need to know? If none please state "none".

Harness, Radio model, GPS, Vario

A's and brakes, A's and D's, Etc...

If so, when and who with?


How many hours have you flown in the last year?

Total hours, thermic condition hours, hours flying XC, and longest XC distance to date.

What do you want to learn? What skills do you want to improve?

Pilot certifications/agreements

I agree to follow all Federal, State, and Local COVID 19 requirements in place during the event. I understand NO REFUNDS will be given for failure to comply with this requirement.

I have a current USHPA membership or will have one when flying in the event. I also agree to to comply with the Local RVHPA club rules, USHPA Competition, and Applegate Open Competition rules.


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