SuperClinic Instructors

Ken Hudonjorgensen

Ken has been flying and teaching paragliding in Utah and around the world since 1989.

Ken is also responsible for pioneering many of northern Utah’s top flying sites, as well as initiating many of the state’s cross-country paragliding routes that back in 2006 he used to record the top six cross-country flights in Utah that year in only seven attempts. He’s also held the Utah State Cross-Country Record for three consecutive years, and won the annual Utah Cup cross-country paragliding competition six times.

Ken’s Mission Statement – To attentively introduce, encourage, instruct, develop, nurture, and mentor anyone interested in learning and applying the most important and valuable aspects of paragliding theory and technique. 

Ciara Kamahele and Will Taylor

Unfortunately due to some administrative issues with USHPA, Nick Crane will not be able to join us this year. But don’t despair.. Ciara Kamahele and Will Taylor will be joining Nick this year. Ciara is a highly respected instructor from the Salt Lake City area. Will is a tandem instructor and local Woodrat “frequent flyer” who has lots of experience locally and knows where all the thermal triggers are and the best way to navigate the local area.