Demo day participant requirements

Applegate Open Demo Days Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines requested by USHPA and the RRG:

  • Pilots must be USHPA and Local club members. Exhibitors must check pilot’s membership status prior to giving pilots equipment to demo.  USHPA memberships may be checked online and local club memberships may be checked online at or with a current year RVHPA membership card.

  • Pilots must have a rating suitable to fly the Woodrat site per the club’s guidelines. P2 pilots may only fly from Mid launch unless they are flying under an instructor’s supervision or have been signed off by a local instructor to fly from the Top launch.

  • Pilots must be familiar with the site and have flown the site with their existing gear prior to flying with demo gear.

  • Exhibitors must give the pilots a thorough briefing on the characteristics of the wing or harness compared to the gear they are currently flying and all equipment must be pre-flighted prior to use.

  • Exhibitors must only allow one new piece of equipment (wing, harness, or instrument) to be evaluated at a time/ per flight.

  • Exhibitors must only allow pilots to demo wings with the same EN rating. There can be some exceptions to this.  If after review and at their discretion exhibitors may allow pilots to evaluate higher performance wings than a pilot is currently flying if the demo wing is considered a relatively small step up in performance.   For example, pilots flying a high end B wing could be allowed to demo a low to mid-level C wing.

  • Exhibitors must ensure pilots evaluating navigation or vario equipment are briefed on the basic operation prior to taking the equipment on a flight.

  • Pilots and exhibitors must sign the event waiver document.

Have fun and Fly Safe!