Nick Crane joins the SuperClinic

We are happy to announce that Nick Crane has joined Ken Hudonjorgensen and  the SuperClinic as a mentor replacing Kari Castle who won’t be able to attend in 2022.

Nick Crane has been a science educator, healthcare practitioner, commercial fisherman, mountain guide, alpine and nordic ski instructor.  He started paragliding in 2003. During his first year of obsession he had 63 flights at Woodrat, Oregon, in January!  Tim Hunter, the land owner, started to call Nick and his flying buddy Bill “Orville and Wilber.”

After becoming an advanced paragliding Instructor and tandem instructor Nick started guiding paragliding tours to Costa Rica in 2006 where he has pioneered some of the best sites in the country. He has led paragliding tours to 4 continents and leads regular tours to Costa Rica, Brazil and Europe.

Nick’s philosophy…
“I teach and coach with the goal of having my students and clients enjoy positive learning experiences and avoid learning through the literal school of hard knocks! My focus is to emphasize developing safe habits and building skills while mentoring, guiding and teaching pilots of varied levels and abilities.”

More information on the SuperClinic can be found at this link.

Applegate Open 2022  June 17-23, 2022


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