2021 Daily Schedule Overview

Important!!!  When changes or updates happen posts will be made on the “AO2021-Official” Telegram channel.  Be sure to have a look at Telegram each morning to see if anything has changed from the published schedule.

COVID 19 requirements from CDC and Jackson County has forced us to limit capacity on the busses to 22 pilots with their wings.  As a result we are running pilots up to launch in two shifts and two meeting points.  To get all the pilots to launch at the same time would require 8 busses otherwise and there is no way to have that many busses plus a few cars on launch.

So to reduce congestion, we have two meeting points for busses this year.  Wells Land HQ and Phil’s farm. 

  • The Sprint and Super Clinic pilots will meet and park their cars at Phil’s farm which is adjacent to the LongSword Landing Zone.
  • The Open Race pilots will meet at Wells Land HQ and take busses to launch from there. 

For the Super Clinic pilots every day is pretty much the same.  Meet at Phil’s farm and depart for the Upper Launch from there at  8:30 AM.  When things change Kari and Ken will let you know. 

Saturday’s practice day will be a bit different from the normal schedule.  We are going to have four busses running two trips each up to launch.  Times will be shown on the schedule.  Once we figure out how to divide the pilots between Phil’s, Wells Land, first and second trips to launch we’ll let you know.

Also note the Food and entertainment tabs.  Music every night. a couple of BYO nights when the bar is closed.  Two nights with live music.  Five nights serving dinners at very reasonable prices.

The individual day schedules show the details.