2019 Financial result

In case you were wondering what it costs to put on a competition and how much money is made here are the numbers for the Applegate Open.  Profits from the event go to RVHPA’s landing zone acquisition fund. 

Applegate Open 2019 


Sprint and Open Race Registrations   $83,100
SuperClinic Registrations   $15,050
Registration cancellations   ($9,990)
Returning pilot discounts   ($3,140)
 Late registration fees   $600
RVHPA event memberships   $4,120
Store sales   $1,007
Demo Days vendor rental spaces   $1,765

Total Income





Staff and staff expenses   $29,266
Facilities   $16,266
Transportation   $8,974
Supplies   $6,779
Food and Beverages   $5,752
Credit card processing fees   $3,197
Fees and Licensing   $1,629
Fuel   $1,951
Equipment   $1,157
Advertising   $12

Total Expenses