Applegate Open Team

The Applegate Open Team

Here are the people who are leading the activities to make the Applegate Open an exciting,  fun, safe, and entertaining event.

Dan Wells
Event Organizer
541 804-1077

Kate Vangeloff
LongSword Vineyard HQ host
541 414-4235

Eric Reed
Meet Director
415 971-0550

Jeff Huey
Assistant Meet director
Sprint Mentor
541 280-2967

Bill Hughes
503 888-6366

David Wheeler

Tom Chesnut
Launch and Safety Director
541 915-0187

Pete Michelmore
Search and Rescue Director
808 753-1027

Sarah Wells
Retrieve Coordinator
503 929-7946

Super Clinic Mentor
Ken Hudonjorgensen
801 971-3414

Super Clinic Mentor
Kari Castle

Mary Beth Wells
Volunteer Coordinator
503 709-2851

Jugdeep Aggarwall
Evening Lecture Coordinator